In 2017, the first jewels came to life sprung out of a creative thirst and the mesmerizing capacity of gemstones and metals. Designer and founder Hanna Lindberg started out on a passion project completely different from her education and work, with a longing to explore her imaginary side.

With her master of science from the Royal Institution of Technology in Sweden, Hanna possesses foundational knowledge in production, a deeper understanding of chemical and physical properties of elements and a strong fascination with the world’s power to evolve through creation and deviation, which fuels and shapes all of her designs.

Hanna’s use of modern technologies, such as 3D modulation and printing, infused with traditional handicraft, enables a diverse creative universe which Hanna emphasizes everyone is welcome in. Wonders of life are embodied in striking pieces, to be cherished forever. Deviation's Scandinavian heritage is characterized by design, quality and craftsmanship.